Main Business Activities

* Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Growing firms need a recruitment outsourcing company with an in-depth knowledge of IT recruiting and the strategies to make it happen.

For more than 17 years, our management team and staff of recruitment professionals have successfully used strategies to help build our client’s IT manpower needs. We are experts in recruitment marketing, recruitment metrics, and out of the box thinking.

In Sysgen RPO we will assign a specialist team of recruitment professionals who specialize in technical recruiting. The team will work on your manpower requirements and will be committed to your numbers. In addition, the team will have the full support of the Sysgen sourcing factory.

Unlike traditional staffing initiatives, we work until the positions are filled. We do not simply �give up� and stop working on your openings if we feel it is too hard to fill and we won’t easily earn a placement fee.

The assignment of the specialist team will give you access to experts with a proven track record in sourcing talent and reducing the time frame for on-boarding new employees.

The key to Sysgen RPO is recruitment velocity. Simply stated, we add speed and urgency to attaining the right talent at the right time.

* Placement Services

Sysgen’s IT staffing methodology enables us to attract and engage the highest quality IT professionals. Having a database of more than 12,000 IT professionals, have helped us deliver fast and reliable placement services to top notch clients. Through experience and market expertise, we can attract top IT talent and develop sourcing strategies ranging from networking, referrals, and electronic job boards. As a result, we are able to produce thoroughly screened candidates that are fit for your requirements.

We have successfully placed thousands of I.T. professionals to some of the most prestigious companies in the Philippines.

* IT Staff Augmentation

Whether you need a programmer to write a simple program, or a senior systems administrator to provide performance tuning, Sysgen can provide you with IT consultants that have skills and expertise on numerous mainframe, mid-range and PC platforms. We can provide competent consultants to fill IT positions in your organization. What makes us different from other �body-shop� firms is that we actually use experienced developers with specific backgrounds rather than simply hiring anyone with programming or systems knowledge.

We currently have more than a 100 I.T. professionals deployed to different clients on a staff augmentation mode.


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